2010 Zápis událostí v kraji/A Record of Events in the Region

We have visited several small town chroniclers in the Czech Republic
and persuaded them to record our visit as well as our artistic
performance carried out in the region in the local chronicle (for each
town to have a chronicle is a duty by law). It was not meant merely as
an ironic act or trick to inscribe ourselves into official history, it
was also an opportunity to record interviews with the chroniclers,
collect information on their work, and to find out the strategies
which determine what events are secured for the future.

In collaboration with Vasil Artamonov
and chroniclers from Jáchymov, Nučice, Rožmitál pod Třemšínem,
Dolní Kounice and Příbor.
Zápis událostí v krajiZápis událostí v kraji - kronikář LoukotkaZápis událostí v kraji - Jáchymov