2014 Druhá příroda/Second Nature (Book)

SecondNature1 SecondNature2 SecondNature3

126 pages, 16,5 × 21,7 cm , edition 300, UMPRUM, ISBN: 978-80-86863-86-3
graphic design by studio Parallel Practice and Jan Horcik, theoretical text by Ondrej Dadejik

The Second Nature engages with the phenomenon of a „politicized“ nature. It addresses the polarity of the
forest designed, planted by man as a monument, and the borders between the earthy and the human. The
book strives to grasp and simultaneously not deny, the tension between nature formed by ideological goals
and the natural environment as such. This polarity is the key topic of the book; rather than being meant as
an appeal to return to the unspoiled state of nature, the book becomes a means of artistic production – the
development of anew.
The book theme evolves from a case study of forests planted to embody a political statement or to become
a monument to an ideology. The book presents photographic documentation of forests planted around the
half of the twentieth century, namely forests planted in shape of names/words such as Hitler (Czech Republic),
Tito (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lenin (Belorussia) and The Forest of Holocaust Victims (Israel). The
last of the photographic series documents planting of Forest of Growth(Czech Republic).
These forests can be perceived from various, sometimes-overlapping perspectives. From within the forest,
the political statement of a respective forest is hardly visible. This is namely due to the vastness of
the “forest” texts, which from a normal human perspective become invisible. What is our direct experience
once we realise – either by viewing or hearing of -, that we have become a part of such a statement? What
“readings” of the forest environment are at hand, and towards what can crossing of perspectives lead?