2014 Sexuální boj zboží/The Sexual Struggle of Commodities

3D animation, 7 min, In collaboration with Vilém Novák

The digital animation Sexual struggle of commodities combines 3d scanned graphics with models created in
computer. The scanned artifacts selected from the collections of the National museum in Prague attracted
us with their materiality and the zoo- or antropo- morphic look. The fact that people become objectified,
while commodities become antropomorphised is one of the central propositions of the animation. The
name as well as the content of the movie paraphrase to some extent Wilhelm Reich’s book Sexual struggle
of Youth, in which Reich attempted to illustrate the relation of sexual desire and the socialist revolution.
The animation comes with a courageous preposition – the radicalisation and sexualisation of the desire
which attracts us to the commodities can become a tool to overcome the desire to own.